Pet Policies

Pets are allowed ONLY in the Angler Room (#2) and the Map Room (#3). Pets are prohibited on the second floor. Our apologies but our insurance does not permit us to accommodate any dogs on the insurance-industry "A-list" of so-called aggressive breeds, i.e. pit bulls, rottweilers, german shephards, huskies, malamutes, wolf-dog hybrids, chow-chows, and doberman pinschers.

cat on couch

Advance notification is required from guests with pets prior to arrival. If a guest arrives with pets but without advance notification, we will charge a pet fee of $10. We do not charge a pet fee for anyone who booked a room at least 1 day in advance and informed us that a pet was traveling with them. The Ice Fish Inn reserves the right to cancel the reservation for guests with unannounced pets; the guest will be liable for the cancellation fee according to the terms of the Inn's cancellation policy.

The housekeeping staff will not enter a room for cleaning unless all dogs are crated beforehand. We can lend you a dog enclosure if you need one. With your permission, we may take any friendly dogs for a walk if we have time.

We have feeding bowls we can loan to you for both dogs and cats. As to where you can walk your dog, we can give you maps for several different walks in and around Millinocket. We don't mind if your dog does his or her thing in our side yard but anywhere else in town, you have to clean up after your dog. If you decide to walk your dog in town, we have pooper scoopers you can borrow. If you take your dog for a walk on any of the area's many trails, we do advise you walk your dog on a leash to prevent an encounter with moose, deer, or bears.