Cancellation and Other Policies

For reservations made by phone or through the website/mobile site, we charge a cancellation fee for cancellations made five days or less before a booked stay at our inn. The cancellation fee is equal to one night's stay. Cancellations affect our business significantly therefore, we do adhere to a strict cancellation policy.

Reservations made through or any of the internet booking services are subject to the cancellation policies listed on those sites. We can not refund or discount any room charges for reservations made through those sites and can not waive any cancellation fees charged by those sites.

Every country inn is as individual as the guests it accommodates. If we feel that we are not able to meet the expectations of any potential guest, we may refer them to another property we feel can provide the services they desire or need. We reserve the right to decline a reservation which includes services we feel we cannot adequately render.

We are not suitably equipped for young children or infants and are not a child-safe facility; therefore we do not accept booking for children 6 or younger and do not recommend bookings for children under 12. All bookings for children under 12 must be made directly with the innkeepers in person or by phone at least one week in advance. If a guest arrives with children under 12 without advance notification or books accommodations for children under 12 over the internet, the Ice Fish Inn reserves the right to cancel the guest's reservation AND the guest will be liable for the cost of the accommodations for the entire time they were booked. Minors are not allowed in the Hot Tub area unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The Ice Fish Inn is a no smoking facility. In addition, we ask that you do not use any candles, incense, cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any other sources of flame inside of the Inn. We reserve the right to terminate any stays at the Inn without refund if you violate this policy. Any one who smokes inside the inn will be charged a $500/night cleaning fee.