Smoking and Fire Policies

fire prevention signs and fixtures

The structure that's the Ice Fish Inn is as old as Millinocket. It's been here for over a hundred years and we hope it's still here after a hundred more. Fire is a leading cause in the destruction of historic buildings. Our plans for the Inn include the installation of a modern fire suppression system but until then we ask that you help us avoid those practices that could lead to an accidental fire.

The Ice Fish Inn is a no smoking facility. In addition, we ask that you refrain from lighting any candles or incense, or using an open flame or heat source of any kind.

We have a state-of-the-art fire alarm system and emergency lighting with its own independent power supply. Every guest room has a fire extinguisher and there are additional fire extinguishers at every exit and in both the upstairs and downstairs hallways. There are also three additional fire extinguishers in the kitchen. Like you, we hope no one ever needs to use these.

We test the fire alarm every month. We'll warn you if you're visiting on the day when we test it. You won't want to be here when it goes off. It makes the volume at rock concerts seem a bit soft.